Life Stage

How can we help?

We thoroughly consider your circumstances, and then develop strategies to help you reach your goals.

These may include funding your children’s education, helping with tax planning, having enough money to live comfortably after retiring, insurance, estate planning and so on, all of which requires specific knowledge and experience.

Young Investors / Young Families – How Can We Help?

You are beginning and building your career and possibly starting a family.

You may be considering:

• getting married
• buying your first home
• starting a family
• protecting your income
• debt management
• business planning
• interested in investing

Mature families – How Can We Help?

This is your consolidation stage – achieving a comfortable lifestyle and thinking about managing your long-term future. 

Your focus may be:

• protecting your lifestyle
• investments
• tax management
• possible inheritance
• retirement planning
• long-term care planning

Pre-retirement – How Can We Help?

 With retirement approaching, your priorities will depend on how well you’ve prepared.

Your concerns may be:

• protection of assets
• debt elimination
• assisting your children
• retirement planning
• wills and trusts
• business exit strategy
• centrelink benefits

Retirement – How Can We Help?

Your focus may be travel & personal interests & enjoying your family.

You may be thinking of:

• protection of assets
• aged care planning
• inheritance tax mitigation
• gifting to family
• preserving your capital
• estate planning
• centrelink benefits