Aged Care

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Meeting With Family To Ensure Everyone Is Comfortable

It’s really important that all family are aware of the process involved with Aged Care and the options available. It’s important to keep an open mind and to ask as many questions as you feel necessary so that everyone can make an informed decision.

What Are The Aged Care Options

There are many options available and understanding these options may be challenging (especially on how it all works and how much it all costs).

Some of the options are as follows:

  • Staying at Home (With Community Care)
  • Retirement Villages
  • Aged Care Homes (Residential Care)

At J Fleming Financial Services we can step you through each option making sure you are comfortable you have the knowledge to make an informed decision

What Will This Cost And How Will I Pay For It

Depending on what option of care you select there are four main types of costs that you may be asked to pay;

  • A Daily Fee – this covers living cost such as power, laundry and meals
  • A Care Fee – an additional contribution that some people may be asked to pay. The Department of Human Services will work out if this fee applies based on income and assets
  • Accommodation Payments – Depending on the income and assets the Department of Human Services will advise whether accommodation costs will be fully or partially paid by the government. An accommodation bond may also be payable.
  • Fees for Extra Services – Depending on the accommodation chosen & selected services, additional fees may be required.

This is where J Fleming Financial Services can help with cash flow and your financial requirements to ensure your future needs are met.

Centrelink, Vet Affairs & Aged Care forms

At J Fleming Financial Services tries to remove the burden of completing all the necessary complex applications and forms required when moving into care. We assist & explain all necessary documents that are required to be completed in detail & lodge on your behalf.

Ongoing Financial Matters & Obligations

The financial obligations will continue once in care. Daily care fees, Centrelink changes, keeping track of your cash flow and government changes still need to be considered. J Fleming financial Services can help to manage your ongoing financial needs and Centrelink reporting obligations.